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Division 7, District 11SR

Serving the Maritime Communities from Point Dume to Morro Bay including the Channel Islands.

U.S Coast Guard Auxiliary

The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary, the volunteer arm of the U.S. Coast Guard, was established by Congress in 1939. Through the promotion of its Recreational Boating Safety Programs which serves to educate the general public, the Auxiliary is able to support the United States Coast Guard in many ways. Some of their programs include Safety and Security Patrols, Public Safe Boating Education, Maritime Dealer Visitation Program, Vessel Safety Checks, and Public Affairs events.

In addition, the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary also participates in any mission that is directed by the Commandant (officer in charge) of the United States Coast Guard as well as by the Secretary of Homeland Security that are not direct law enforcement and military operations.

With a 30,000-member strong organization nationwide, the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary is a unique “force multiplier” as they carry out an array of responsibilities involving nearly every aspect of the maritime environment, including a number of the rivers and lakes of our Inland Waterways. Consider joining our honorable volunteer organization and share our noble cause.